Research Partnerships

Enhancing aquatic and recreation service delivery and the outcomes for communities could benefit from better access to and use of research to inform practice and policy. Building sustainable research partnerships between the aquatic and recreation sectors and universities, think tanks, policy institutes and research agencies can provide expanded research capacity and the setting to build, transfer and utilise knowledge.

ARI wants to harness the power of research to improve the provision of aquatic and recreation for all Australians.

Our Approach

What are we working to achieve?

Our mission is to improve the provision of aquatic and recreation to communities. To achieve this, we are looking to participate in research partnerships that draw attention to the contribution of our people and our facilities in creating safe, healthy and connected communities.

Why are we doing this?

The aquatics and recreation industry provides considerable benefits to local communities in the areas of health and fitness, accident and injury prevention (such as drowning), building of social capital and economic activity. Whilst it is widely recognised that aquatic and recreation plays a vital role in local communities, the degree to which they contribute is unmeasured.

With an increasing ageing population and growth in sedentary diseases placing a greater burden on Australia’s health system, aquatic and recreation facilities are uniquely placed to facilitate programs and services for a healthier Australia.

Ageing infrastructure coupled with rising costs and workforce shortages create a need for smarter investment and more targeted interventions in aquatic and recreation facilities to improve outcomes for local communities.

Who are we doing this for?

Aquatic and recreation facilities are at the heart of everything we do and our research activity is intended to support them by highlighting the many and varied contributions they make in the delivery of programs and services to their local communities.

Where do we work?

In New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and in collaboration with our national industry partners.

How do we work?

We encourage collaborative approach so that we can approach problems in a new way. We believe that the answers may be found where expertise collides in unexpected areas.

We aim to work with partners that bring skills, expertise and practical research solutions that delivers impact.

We are open to one-off projects or long-term collaborations including undergraduate, post-graduate, doctoral and institutional research.

We break down barriers and provide access to those directly engaged in the provision of aquatic and recreation services at all levels to reduce unnecessary repetition and benefit from the economy of scale.

We represent those directly engaged in the provision of services. This means we understand the industry’s challenges and can provide their perspective on how research may have an immediate impact.

Why partner with us?

  • Our extensive industry network provides greater reach to research teams
  • Researchers are connected with practitioners ensuring that research has an impact
  • Research is used to inform policy and advocacy to drive change
  • We provide additional awareness of a particular issue
  • We can help to attract or provide funding
    Mutual promotion of each organisation.
  • Introduction to other partners or collaborations.

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