Engaging with Young Leader’s within the aquatics and recreation industry is a key strategic objective of the ARI. The establishment of the YLAG will provide an arena for consultation, communication and collaboration across the aquatic and recreation sectors to increase our support to the members we serve and contribute to a strong, vibrant aquatic and recreation sector into the future.

The Young Leaders Advisory Group will aim to:

  1. Improve communication and consultation between the ARI Board and aquatic and recreation workers under the age of 35;
  2. Gain better insights as to the views of young people on those issues impacting our industry;
  3. Support the transfer of knowledge and stewardship of the current ARI Board to the next generation of leaders; and
  4. Ensure that the ARI Board and its decision making reflects the diversity and values of the industries it represents.


If you're under the age of 35, and interested in being part of the group email - Brad at

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