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NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has announced easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

The use of masks and QR code’s has been scaled back under new COVID rules announced by the NSW government.

  • As of Friday 18 February 2022, it will no longer be mandatory to check into facilities via QR codes and there will be no density limits.
  • From Friday 25 February 2022, Masks will no longer be mandatory in most indoor settings.

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    The NSW Government provides comprehensive information on COVID-19, including what you can and can not do under the rules. We recommend you monitor the NSW Government website, for updates to information and changes to the Safety Plans through this link - NSW Government

    There has been changes and improvements to the COVID-19 Safety Plans. The existing Safety Plans have been consolidated into industry categories. This will help improve the Safety Plan process to make it quicker and easier for NSW businesses and organisations.

    Gym, Swimming pools and Indoor Recreation: Gyms and indoor recreation | COVID-19 Safety Plan | NSW Government

    This plan includes Gyms, indoor recreation facilities, swimming pools, sauna, spas, community centres and halls.

    Venues should complete all the relevant safety plans and register their business as a COVID safe business.

    Community Sport: Community sport | NSW Government



    Under the public health order:

    • a major recreation facility means a building or place used for large-scale sporting or recreation activities that are attended by large numbers of people whether regularly or periodically, and includes theme parks and sports stadiums.
    • an indoor recreation facility means a building or place used predominantly for indoor recreation, whether or not operated for the purposes of gain, including a squash court, indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, table tennis centre, health studio or similar.

    Major recreation facilities must:

    • develop and comply with a COVID-19 safety plan
    • ensure the COVID-19 safety plan is kept at the premises and made available for inspection by an authorised officer or police officer as requested.

    For indoor major recreation facilities and entertainment facilities:

    • the maximum number of people allowed is the greater of 100% of the fixed seating capacity or one person per 2 square metres of space.

    For outdoor major recreation facilities the maximum number of people allowed is the greater of

    • the total of 100% of the fixed seating capacity plus one person per 2 square metres of any unfixed seating areas, or
    • one person per 2 square metres of space in the facility.

    If the maximum number of people is based on the percentage of the fixed seating capacity, admission is only by ticket for a specific seat.

    To be a COVID Safe business you need to:

    • completed a comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan 
    • registered your business as COVID Safe.

    To register your business complete the NSW Government online form by clicking here - Register your business as COVID Safe | NSW Government

    COVID Safe businesses and organisations are easily recognised by the blue tick badge displayed that you can display at your venue and online.

    Registered businesses and organisations get:

    • a unique QR code for customer check-in
    • a digital COVID Safe badge for use on Google and social channels
    • a print ready COVID Safe badge file for use as a poster or sticker on your shop front/high traffic areas
    • posters on safety and hygiene
    • reports on how your customers and visitors rate your business.

    The NSW Government provides registered businesses with resources they can use, including a QR Code check in option, click here for details - QR code and business resources retrieval | NSW Government



    The NSW Health website provides COVID-19 information on clinics, statistics and health alerts - NSW Health



    To deal with the public health risk of COVID-19 and its possible consequences, the Minister for Health and Medical Research has made a number of Orders, under section 7 of the Public Health Act 2010. Orders and Exemptions can be amended frequently.  NSW Health provides a summary - click on this link - Public Health Orders and restrictions - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) (

    For the most up to date orders, and the history of each order, visit NSW Legislation - COVID-related legislation


    Exemptions are found here - Public Health Orders and restrictions - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) (



    When calculating the space available for each person only the areas that are open to the public are included in the calculations.

    • Measure the length of your space.
    • Measure the width of your space.
    • Multiply the length by the width to calculate the area in square metres.
    • Divide the area of your space (calculated in square metres) by 2 to calculate the maximum number of people allowed.

    For example: 25 metre lane that is 2 metres long, and applying the 2 square metre rule:

    • Length = 25 metres
    • Width = 2 metres
    • 25 metres x 2 metres = 50 square metres
    • 50 square metres divided by 2 = 25 people.

    For this example based on the 2 square metre rule, you could have a maximum of 25 people in the 25 metre lane.  However these calculations are worked on people standing, therefore venues should use their discretion to implement numbers relevant to people swimming laps safely.

    For more information on calculations click here - Square metres rules | NSW Government