World Drowning Prevention Day 2023

by Aquatic Recreation Institute on July 25, 2023


It’s imperative that we work together to save lives. From educating caregivers on good supervision, teaching children how to swim, to establishing effective drowning prevention programs, everyone can play a part in preventing drownings.

Over the last decade, the World Health Ogranisation has found that drowning has caused over 2.5 million deaths worldwide, with 90% of them happening in low- and middle-income countries.

Among children, those aged 1-4 years have the highest drowning rate, followed by children aged 5-9 years. This human, social and economic tragedy is entirely preventable.

In 2023, the 76th World Health Assembly adopted a resolution on drowning prevention, and since then, World Drowning Prevention Day has been observed on 25 July every year.

For this year’s event, WHO will continue to raise awareness and remind everyone that with good supervision, swimming lessons, and effective prevention programs, no one should have to suffer from drowning. Together, we can save lives.

What can YOU do to prevent drowning?