The spotlight on working mums

by Nichole Edsall on May 08, 2021

Sunday 9 May 2021 is Mother's Day.  With 73% of the aquatic industry being female, we are sure a large portion are mum's who work.  We thought this would be a perfect opportunity, to learn more about one particular mum in our industry and how she juggle's motherhood and a career.

Meet, Ros Pullen, General Manager at Raging Waters Sydney.  Ros has 4 children and 1 grandchild.    

Ros has recently been appointed as General Manager for Raging Waters Sydney.  She has worked in the team since 2018, previously leading the park's marketing efforts and also served as Assistant General Manager.  She has over 15 years of experience working in the aquatic and leisure industry.  

Ros started her career in 2004 as the Promotions Assistant at Blacktown Olympic Park.  She was a young mum at the time.  She developed her career within Blacktown City Council, and was promoted into different roles throughout her career, in between having 3 more children, including twins.

Ros completed her Bachelor Communications with Western Sydney University.  She recently went back to studying to complete a Diploma Leadership and Management through the Institute of Strategic Management.

Her career tip, is to "find mentors and other people in the industry who have similar goals and interests".  Ros attributes her successful career to a good support network, that includes work colleagues, family and friends. 

Ros believes that you need balance in life and to make time for yourself.  Ros is up at 5am each day, starting the day right at Repetitions Group Fitness & Personal training.

Ros is a proud mum to 4 beautiful children aged 18 years, 12 year old twins and a 7 year old. She is also a "Glam ma" to her 1 year old grandchild and has the support of an amazing husband.

We hope Ros and all the other mums in the aquatic, recreation and leisure industry have a wonderful mother's day on Sunday.