Latest COVID requirements

by Nichole Edsall on May 12, 2021

The NSW Government announced that masks are mandatory in all public venues from 5pm 6 May 2021 until 12:01am Monday, 17 May 2021 for the Greater Sydney region (including Wollongong, Central Coast and Blue Mountains).

For gyms and indoor recreation premises in Greater Sydney:

  • face masks are not compulsory. NSW Health recommends wearing face masks when safe and comfortable to do so.
  • dance classes are allowed but must follow physical distancing requirements in the COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Read the full announcement here - COVID-19 restrictions update 6 May | NSW Government

A new public health order has been released - Government Gazette No 194 of Thursday 6 May 2021 (

The public health order states that a person must wear a fitted face covering at all times when the person is in an indoor area of retail premises, or business premises, that provides goods or services to members of the public who attend the premises. 

A person may remove a fitted face covering if:

  • the person is eating or drinking,
  • the person is communicating with another person who is deaf or hard of hearing,
  • the person is at work and the nature of the person’s work 
    • makes the wearing of a fitted face covering a risk to the person’s, or another person’s health and safety,
    • the removal of the fitted face covering is necessary for the proper provision of the goods or service.

Therefore based on the Public Health Order, if you have staff conducting classes, such as learn to swim or fitness classes, they can remove the mask whilst providing this service.

The wearing of a mask, under the Public Health order does not apply to a person who is engaged in work on the premises if the person does not interact with members of the public. Therefore staff working in office areas, that do not interact with the public do not need to wear masks.