Introducing Interquad's See Monkey Swim Mirror

by Louise Magee on September 04, 2020

IQ has a simple yet extremely effective device for all learn to swim centres. 

Water is a natural element for babies and toddlers but some find the experience a little daunting. By focussing their gaze with the See Monkey Swim Mirror to a reflection of themselves it becomes a familiar, enjoyable experience and one they will want to repeat.

For beginner swimmers of any age, learning to float on your back or put your head under water can be a scary experience that makes learning to swim a confronting task. Looking at your reflection in a mirror provides a focal point for concentration and confidence, ensuring that lessons are much more beneficial.

If the child doesn't respond to seeing their own reflection then flip the mirror showing the friendly Monkey. “Can you See the Monkey? Flip it again showing their reflection.

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