Fitness and Leisure Centre COVID-19 Recovery Analysis

by Nichole Edsall on August 03, 2021

What did June’s numbers tell us? 

Do you wish you had a crystal ball to understand what is next with all the change and disruption?

In lieu of that, we can look to examine what bounces back from COVID-19 lockdowns has looked like in New South Wales and across Australia over the last year.

Here are some quick takeaways in Australia for June 2021:

  • New South Wales - Live membership is 90% compared to pre-covid 2019 levels.
  • Queensland-  Live members, unique visits and total visits are returning to pre-covid 2019 levels.
  • South Australia- Live members and unique visits are exceeding pre-covid 2019 levels.
  • Tasmania- Live members have exceeded pre-covid levels.
  • Victoria- Live membership is 80% of pre-covid 2019 level since reopening 11/20.
  • Western Australia- For the initial 6 months after reopening 6/20, members are significantly more active than in 2019.

Follow this link to see the full national report.


COVID Recovery Takeaways for New South Wales for June 2021

  • Live membership is around 90% compared to pre-covid 2019.
  • While fewer members overall, they are going more frequently. It reflects in the low unique visits recovery rate and its corresponding total visits.
  • There has been a slow reduction in suspension rates since the beginning of 2021.




The pandemic has changed consumer’s awareness and mindset in the maintenance of physical and mental wellbeing. The numbers may look like it's returning to normal, but the underlying behaviours and motivations may have changed. To explore the changes in behaviour, the following topics might be worth investigating:

  • Research on member/public’s interest and current participation rate in the physical hybrid offering. Especially the millennials and generation z who are more likely to demand technology solutions for seamless fitness experience.
  • Research shows people are more active and felt exercise was more critical than pre-covid and after lockdown. Investigate which channels are people using to maintain their physical activity. Such as hybrid offering/online streaming classes, home fitness equipment (eBay sales for home fitness gear increased exponentially), or outdoor exercise. As for most states, the cancellation rate is still above the pre-covid level in most of the months.
  • Technology-related innovations. Research on the newest fitness equipment that incorporates streaming classes and personal training Such as The Mirror.
  • Shifts in demographic groups, program preference in current live members.
  • Are newly acquired members (i.e., the recovered live member) resumed from the cancellation or new members? If they are new members, implement actions to increase engagement/visits, help to build their motivation, habit, and routine in maintaining an active In addition, as new members are more likely to quit in the first few months, extra attention would be beneficial.

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