Fellowship Award - Adam Lloyd

by Nichole Edsall on March 10, 2021


The Aquatic & Recreation Institute (ARI NSW) have awarded Adam Lloyd as an ARI Fellowship recipient.

Adam Lloyd is a member of ARI NSW and is Director of International Quadratics Australia (IQ).  He has been awarded as a Fellow of the Institute for his dedication to the industry.

IQ was established in 1976 and merged with Pierce Pool Supplies in 2008 bringing two commercial entities synonymous with aquatics together.

Adam Lloyd and his father David have been avid supporters of ARI NSW for many years dating back to the late 1990s.

In 2010, Adam Lloyd joined the ARI committee as the Commercial Representative, which was a new position on the committee at the time.

In this role, Adam became the voice of the aquatic trade on the committee. He worked tirelessly to improve the relationship between the committee, its members and the industry, and amongst all his peers, he still has the respect of the industry.

Adam Lloyd's achievements include:

  • Current member of ARI NSW.
  • The ARI Commercial Representative from approximately 2010 – 2014.
  • Supporter of ARI via sponsorship packages, and contributor to the establishment.
  • Strong advocate with Government bodies such as NSW Health on clarification and reform for operating guidelines in the aquatic industry.
  • Involvement in ARI Business Planning activities.
  • Conduit for the industry – providing support, assistance and advice to many pool professionals, nationally and internationally.
  • Supporter of industry innovation, always investing in new products and ideas.

Therefore, in recognition of Adam Lloyd's passion, dedication and support of ARI NSW and the aquatic and leisure industry as a whole, we are proud to award Adam Lloyd with the ARI Fellowship Award.