Aquatic & Recreation Institute - Well-being Webinar

by Aquatic Recreation Institute on September 05, 2021


The ARI is excited to formally announce the commencement of our online webinars! With the first one scheduled for Thursday 16 September 2021 at 11:30am-12:30pm.  Click here to register.

ARI Chairperson Matt Griffiths said "The original idea was to conduct a "roadshow" where the ARI would tour some of our partner facilities and hold workshops alongside networking events but as we are all too aware that is not possible at the moment. We have pivoted to a series of online masterclasses where our members can still engage and learn a heap of valuable content!"

Our first presenters are David Burns and Jennifer Barker-Burns from Collective Leisure. With a purpose of enabling “well-being without boundaries”, the Collective Leisure Team are the perfect organisation to kick this off with a session that will introduce members to what they call “whole of person” approach to well-being.

The Collective Leisure team say "Regardless of your personal situation, we know you'll be experiencing some challenges right now. As humans our need for certainty is being agitated on a daily basis. This ultimately has an impact on our well-being, along with all the other stressors that lockdown brings. These times are calling for something different and this session will focus on taking some time for yourselves".

This webinar will get you thinking, feeling and moving and is going to be a blast!

Given the importance of wellbeing during these times and to celebrate our first webinar everyone's welcome! Future webinars are an exclusive member benefit. If you are interested in becoming a member check out the membership page.

Click here for more information on the webinar and to register for the event.