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by Nichole Edsall on February 15, 2021


If anyone follows Alex Simmons on LinkedIn, NSW Sales & Guest Experience Manager at Belgravia Leisure, you would have seen his commitment to facilitating training workshops to teams across the State.  We asked Alex to provide us with an insight into the training he has been delivering.

The leisure industry was dealt a heavy blow in March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic transformed from a ripple to an earthquake that saw governments in Australia and New Zealand mandate temporary closures for all venues.

The Belgravia Leisure guest experience team saw the COVID closures as an opportunity to pause and reflect on how they could improve and expand on their guest experience strategy. A plan was developed to create and deliver ‘Guest Experience Workshops’ - a new suite of training modules and resources for their teams with the intended result of delivering an even better experience for their guests upon reopening. The workshops complimented Belgravia Leisure’s busy customer contact centres in Victoria and New South Wales, allowing newly trained guest experience officers to focus on customers in front of them at the venue.

Interactive Training Workshops for Belgravia teams

The Guest Experience Workshops are delivered by New South Wales Guest Experience Manager Alex Simmons and supported by venue Guest Experience Managers with the intention of building a strong, customer-focused A-Team at every Belgravia Leisure managed venue with the expertise to deliver an excellent experience for their guests.

Training is highly interactive and involves a mixture of digital and classroom style learning with activities such as breakout groups, peer mentoring and role play, ensuring that every session is retained by team members.

Benefits for the customers

The ‘C’ in Belgravia Leisure’s CLEAR values stands for ‘Customer’, and the teams are reminded to always put the customer at the centre of everything they do. The Guest Experience Workshops encourage team members to continually think about how they could improve their guest experience and deliver a complete 360-degree journey so that their guest is provided with the correct information the first time, every time.

An excellent guest experience for EVERY guest

Belgravia Leisure’s Guest Experience Workshops place a high emphasis on providing an inclusive experience, ensuring that every single guest, despite disability or disadvantage, is provided with the same excellent level of care to ensure that no one in the community misses out on an enjoyable leisure experience.

Benefits for the people

At Belgravia Leisure, they strongly believe their people are their greatest asset. Belgravia Leisure have seen the remarkable results of investing in the growth and development of their teams, from career advancement to positive community feedback. These interactive training workshops provide their teams with contemporary skill sets and tools which they can apply in their day-to-day interactions and beyond.

Delivering an excellent guest experience is integral to everyone’s role at Belgravia Leisure and training such as the Guest Experience Workshop is available and delivered to all team members within the organisation. The workshops are currently being rolled out across all Belgravia Leisure venues. To date, over 300 staff have already received the training, with workshops scheduled to continue over the coming year.

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