ARI Young Leaders Advisory Group Webinar - Training and Development for the Aquatic and Recreation Industry

by Aquatic Recreation Institute on July 13, 2022


On Wednesday 27th July 2022 at 12:30pm the Young Leaders Advisory Group will be hosting the second in our series of webinars.

Join a panel of industry leaders as we talk through the ins and outs of qualifications, training packages, skill sets and options for different development pathways you can explore. 

The speakers will answer questions that have been prepared by the ARI Young Leaders Advisory Group. The webinar will be facilitated by one of our Young Leaders, Nicholas Hoynes. 

The questions cover topics that expand upon some of the current organizations in the industry that support individuals training and development, assist with understanding of how training packages and skills sets can support progression of a career and how to make the correct steps toward the direction of your goals. 

The speakers will share their thoughts, tools and tips that will allow the current industry employees to assist in making informed decisions and how to kickstart their own career journey! 


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