ARI Young Leaders Advisory Group - Expression of Interest open

by Aquatic Recreation Institute on August 22, 2021

A workforce study showed that 37% of all employees in the Aquatics and Recreation Industry are under the age of 35. This younger demographic, accounting for over one third of all staff inspired the ARI to create the Young Leaders Advisory Group (YLAG). The YLAG was founded in 2018.

The purpose of this group is to give young people working in the sector a voice, provide the ARI better insights from the young workforce perspective and foster development and the transfer of knowledge to the next generation of sector leaders.

Mel Rahtz, member of the inaugural group of young leaders says. “Being a part of the YLAG provides young leaders with a platform to be involved in the growth and progression of the industry, whilst providing the next generation of leaders an opportunity to influence from the ground up and achieve alignment between all key industry stakeholders.”

The YLAG is about to commence its second term of appointment and the ARI is thrilled to start the process of collecting expressions of interest from young leaders within the industry.

ARI Chair to the YLAG - Alex Simmons says, “This is an exciting opportunity to have an impact on the greater sector and an excellent chance for our young leaders to be exposed to new and exciting challenges, concepts and networks.”

To be eligible for the YLAG a person needs to be under 35 for the duration of their term (12 months). A current financial member with a full membership (excluding category D & E).  If you are currently working in the Leisure, Recreation or Aquatics Industry; or held a position pre-COVID lockdown and aspire to return to a position, then you are eligible to apply.  

Before applying for the Young Leaders Advisory Group please ensure you are a member of the ARI, either through your organisation or as an individual. Click here for membership options.

If you would like to know more about the criteria and the YLAG or to confirm your membership status you can contact the ARI Chair to the YLAG - Alex Simmons.

Click here to access the Young Leaders Group nomination form. To register your expression of interest email the completed form to Alex Simmons prior to 6 September 2021 -