ARI NSW & Women Making Waves join forces!

by Aquatic Recreation Institute on November 23, 2023


We are thrilled to share that ARI NSW has partnered with the Women Making Waves initiative, in support of their mission to support the safety of women in the workplace in Australia and across the globe. 
As part of ARI NSW’s partnership with WMW, we will be co-hosting an event with Speedo in which our key members and partners, and the WMW network come together to hear from global brands and industry thought leaders on "The Power of Wellbeing in Boosting Performance".
ARI NSW & Women Making Waves will come together on Thursday 30th November, held at ARI NSW Facility Member Andrew Boy Charlton Pool. 
We will be starting the morning with a wellbeing exercise, followed by a panel discussion then networking over a light breakfast, guests will hear from Founders of Women Making Waves on partnering with Deepak Chopra, ARI Representatives and Speedo. 
Featured speakers include: 
  • ARI NSW: Learn how ARI NSW members enable local communities to lead healthy and active lifestyles and boost wellbeing. 
  • Women Making Waves (WMW): Hayley Evans and Jessica Wilson - Understand why WMW has joined forces with Global Wellness Leader Deepak Chopra and The Chopra Foundation to empower members with essential resources for personal wellbeing. 
  • Speedo: Learn how Speedo has successfully intertwined lifestyle as core to its brand identity.

ARI NSW is looking forward to this fantastic opportunity to partner with a global organisation making incredible impact in NSW.