ARI Adam Lloyd Memorial Spirit Award Winner

by Aquatic Recreation Institute on February 23, 2022




The winner of the 2021 Aquatic & Recreation Institute (ARI) Adam Lloyd Memorial Spirit Award is John Davie.

In memory of Adam Lloyd, the Adam Lloyd Memorial Spirit Award acknowledges someone who has a generous spirit.

The award is for someone who is generous, giving to their team and solution driven.

John Davie has been the Director of Orimatech since 2004.

Orimatech has served the commercial pool industry throughout Australia since its establishment in 1974. The business is well known, trusted by its many customers and seen as an industry leader.

John Davie nurtured Orimatech’s’ development with a business model based on professional, quality service delivered with honesty and integrity. John is a generous spirit, is known to support his team of like-minded, customer focussed people and he is always prepared to ‘go the extra mile’.

John’s professional engineering training instilled in him the desire to excel. This coupled with his pleasure in celebrating the success and efforts of others is the basis of his continued support of the aquatic and leisure industries.

Those of you who have seen one of the Orimatech videos would agree that John Davie doesn’t always take himself seriously but when it comes to customer service and giving back to the industry, he takes that very seriously.

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