Aquatic Recreation Network Australia launched

by Nichole Edsall on May 11, 2021


A new national network, the Aquatic Recreation Network Australia (ARNA) has been formed.  The Aquatic and Recreation Institute (ARI NSW) will be part of the ARNA network.


Australian Leisure Facilities Association (ALFA) ceased operations in 2019. 

Last year a new networking committee, was established by Aquatics and Recreation Victoria Chief Executive Officer, Kathy Parton. From this committee the new Aquatic Recreation Network Australia (ARNA) has been formed and includes representation from each state body, with the aim to represent the Aquatic & Recreation industry at a national level. 


The Aquatic Recreation Network Australia (ARNA) is established to provide information sharing, networking, collaboration between state peak associations and representatives and deliver Aquatic and Recreation Industry project support and advocacy at a national level.


  • To provide a forum for cooperation between State Peak Associations and representatives involved in the industry in Australia.
  • To discuss and advocate on behalf of the National Aquatic and Recreation Industry for positive change to on the national stage.
  • To provide input and advice on issues related to Aquatics and Recreation Industry to Government departments and relevant Australian Aquatics and Recreation Industry committees to enhance the National Aquatics and Recreation Industry.
  • To identify funding sources and opportunities available for advancing the Australian Aquatics and Recreation Industry.
  • To deliver national projects/initiatives that provide benefits to state bodies.

ARI NSW are excited about the establishment of ARNA and look forward to bringing more information to members from a national level.