2023 Adam Lloyd Memorial Spirit Award Nomination

 Nominations close Wednesday, 4th October 2023

This award serves as a tribute to Adam Lloyd and honours individuals who embody a spirit of generosity. Adam Lloyd was an enthusiastic and committed champion of the aquatic industry, always willing to share his time and expertise, and offering guidance and support to anyone in the sector who sought it. His unwavering dedication to ARI, demonstrated through his years of service on its committee, and his tireless efforts to foster stronger relationships between ARI, its members, and partners, make him an exemplary role model. 

This prestigious award aims to acknowledge individuals who exemplify the qualities that Adam personified. They are characterised by their generosity of spirit, freely offering their time, and displaying a proactive approach to finding solutions that benefit their team, organisation, or sector. 


Essential Criteria

  • Current member of the Aquatic & Recreation Institute, and


Required Information

  • Details of the person, including why they have a generous spirit and how they give to their team.
  • Examples on how they are solution driven.
  • A general statement on overall work ethic.