Visitance app makes check in and contact tracing easy for leisure industry

by Louise Magee on May 22, 2020

A free application that helps leisure and fitness centres meet COVID-19 contact tracing requirements and occupancy limits has been released by Australasian software company Jonas Leisure.

Known as Visitance – a play on visitors and distancing – the site makes it simple for leisure centres and gyms to gather necessary information from visitors through a simple QR code placed at a facility entrance or front desk.

Members and other visitors can easily scan the QR code using the camera app on their phones to load a facility-specific web page where they can enter details including their name and either a phone number or email address before going inside. This data is then held by the facility, allowing managers to easily contact people if a case of COVID-19 is discovered among facility users.

The site can also be set up to interface with a screen at the entrance of a facility to show a real-time count of how many people are currently inside – making it easy to ensure occupancy limits are not exceeded.

Jonas Leisure chief executive Mike Henton said Visitance was a simple contactless solution that was user friendly for both leisure facility managers as well as users.

“One of the beauties of Visitance is that it doesn’t require anyone to download anything on their phone. It’s easy for visitors to use and simple for facilities to set up – managers can just register their facility via a web page, place their facility’s unique QR code at the door, and get straight down to business.”

Mr Henton said the site allowed facilities to brand their digital sign-in forms with their own logos and add customise customer facing messaging. It differs from other contact tracing apps in that it had been built specifically with the needs of the leisure and fitness industry in mind, he said.

“People across Australia and New Zealand are very connected these days – nearly all of us have smartphones – so this will significantly speed up the sign-in process and make contact tracing fast and efficient if anybody with COVID-19 is found to have visited their facility.”

While the vast majority of people had smartphones these days, a small number do not. Mr Henton said Visitance was able to handle situations such as these by allowing reception staff to manually enter visitors’ details in any instances where a visitor does not have a phone with them or requires assistance.

More information about Visitance is available at