SwimDesk launches new Swim Schools podcast to help growth.

by Louise Magee on May 06, 2020

With swim schools and aquatic centres across the country closed, specialist software provider SwimDesk has launched a new podcast to help professionals and business owners learn new ideas.

With SwimDesk well known for publishing helpful information via their swim school blog - which has thousands of visitors each month - the swim school business podcast, now available on iTunes, interviews industry experts including owners and operators.

Podcast host and SwimDesk principal, Lane Harrison explains "we have been sharing strategies and content with swim schools for many years in a written form via our swim school blog.

"We felt that not everyone likes to read to learn new ideas, and the podcast was a natural progression to share this information with the industry.

"We come across so many knowledgeable and interesting people within our community and client base and we wanted to be able to share some of their ideas and stories".

The swim school business podcast is packed with relevant content and guests, with topics covered in the first 10 episodes covering:

  • Seven tips for improving retention in the swim school
  • How to improve your teaching with principles of brain-friendly training
  • Using video to boost the results of your swim school
  • How to optimise your website to grow your enrolment base
  • Marketing to Mums - tips and strategies for swim schools to market to their biggest audience
  • Seven KPI's that every swim school should measure

The first three episodes are now available on iTunes with a new episode to be released each week

Click here to access the podcasts