Facility Managers, we could use your help.

by Louise Magee on June 02, 2020
The ARI, on behalf of the aquatics and recreation industry, is seeking support from the NSW Government to help get gyms, aquatic centres, stadiums and recreational facilities back up and running.

But to be effective, we need to know more about how COVID-19 has and continues to impact the sector.

So that's why we're asking for help.

Can you spare 15 - 30 minutes to answer some brief questions on how COVID-19 has impacted your income, expenditure and employees?

To complete the survey you will need the following information for March, April and May for both 2019 and 2020:

  • Figures for income and expenditure
  • The average number of weekly hours worked at your venue
  • The average number of employees that worked each week

You will not be asked for any information that allows us to identify your venue - responses are completely anonymous.