Bring your community back together with special offer from Salti.

by Louise Magee on May 06, 2020

With our industry on pause, it’s become a time for many of us to review current business processes, offerings and programs. To support you in this, we have reduced the price of our in-house instructor training and equipment so you can introduce Salti group fitness classes to your community as soon as our industry resumes. This will help you to bring your community back together when this is over, encouraging physical activity and generating profits quickly with a Salti group fitness program.

What’s on offer….


19% off equipment (Salti Float & accessories included - minimum order of 3 Floats)
Free shipping in Australia


10% off all in-house training packages
Scheduled once the mandate has been lifted

Please note this offer is only valid while venues are closed as mandated by the Australian Government. This could be a great way to utilise any extra budget you may have remaining this financial year.

It’s a challenging and uncertain time for all of us, however it’s comforting to know that when this is over, local pools and aquatic centres will again be the hub of our communities and people will be eager to get back into the water. People will be seeking new ways to get active while looking for social, interactive, engaging, fun and light-hearted movement and you can offer that with Salti group fitness classes.

If this is something you are interested in, please contact Brendan at for a quote.