AUSTSWIM Launch #backintheswim Campaign

by Louise Magee on September 02, 2020
As we continue to face considerable challenges as a community and as an industry, it is important to acknowledge the role that swimming and water safety plays in the social, emotional, physical and mental health of our communities. 
As part of our recovery phase, AUSTSWIM is pleased to announce the launch of our national #backintheswim campaign that reminds parents and learners of the importance of jumping back in the pool to continue their water safety education journey.
AUSTSWIM recognises that centres, learn to swim programs and AUSTSWIM Teachers can only be as busy as demand for their service dictates. So, we are excited to help revitalise the industry and once again see pools flooded with smiling faces! 

What can you do? 

It's simple! As your swim centre reopens and those happy sounds of laughter and splashing return remember to share your #backintheswim feels and tag us in those moments shared on social media. You can also jump onto our social media accounts and share our posts or download and share the images and message below. 

Spread the message:

Swimming and water safety lessons play an important part in your child’s health, safety and development.
AUSTSWIM Teachers are the heartbeat of our industry. The skills they teach save lives and helps make Australians safer around water.
As swim centres reopen support them by enrolling your loved ones into their programs so they can continue their aquatic education.
Spread your #backintheswim feels and tag us 
Remember to always use an AUSTSWIM Recognised Swim Centre or AUSTSWIM Licensed Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety.
👉Visit the AUSTSWIM website to find a centre near you.