ARI release guidelines for management of COVID-19 in Aquatic & Recreation Venues.

by Louise Magee on May 11, 2020

As Governments across Australia look at easing restrictions and reopening gyms, leisure and sporting operators of aquatic and recreation venues must be planning for how to safely and responsibly deliver programs and services.

This document has been developed in consultation with peak industry bodies across Australia and our members in NSW to provide clear and practical guidelines to effectively manage the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and comply with restrictions.

The purpose of this document is to provide venue managers and their staff practical advice and steps to ensure when re-opening their facility, they are adhering to the relevant government recommendations.

It is advised that each venue use this information as a reference guide in conjunction with the references listed at the end of the document to conduct their own risk assessments relevant to their respective venues.

Download the Guide to COVID-19 Venue Operations here