by Aquatic Recreation Institute on September 14, 2021

Orimatech has served the commercial pool industry throughout Australia from their Sydney offices and workshop since its establishment in 1974. Their core products are the sale and service of commercial pool equipment including, amongst others, Dolphin pool cleaners, commercial pool blankets and the supply and installation of the S.R. Smith commercial range of pool deck products. The business is well known, trusted by its many clients and seen as an industry leader.

The company’s business model is and always has been service oriented and the sale and service of automatic pool cleaners has always been a focus of the company. Orimatech is a Dolphin Commercial Master Dealer, authorized to sell and service the Dolphin commercial pool robots with their modern computerised systems. Today, Orimatech is acknowledged by Maytronics Australia as the industry leading Dolphin Master Dealer with skilled technicians and a Service Manager with over 25 years’ Orimatech experience dealing with commercial pool cleaners.

In late 2015, Maytronics invited Orimatech to establish an office and workshop in Brisbane to service the growing commercial pool robot demand. Since that time they have developed a significant loyal Customer base in southern Queensland as in New South Wales including Local Governments, Commercial Management Companies, Swim Schools, State and Private Schools, Domestic pool service technicians and other commercial facilities.

Since 1990, Orimatech has been marketing and installing the MacBall thermal pool blanket systems in NSW. The product is manufactured in New Zealand and even accounting for the significant freight costs to land it on site from Christchurch, this high quality product is very competitively priced. The Poolie’s Pal pool cover winch is a complementary piece of equipment that has solved the WHS issues that used to be associated with handling heavy pool covers. Orimatech originally developed the Poolie’s Pal and continues to hold the rights to the Trade Mark.

At the end of the 20th century, Hammer-Head Patented Performance, Inc. started manufacturing their very efficient and user-friendly manual pool cleaner. It was about this time that Orimatech started to import the product into Australia. The product has two different sized models which are suitable for use in large Aquatic Leisure Centres as well as by pool technicians for residential pools. Today, Orimatech is the sole importer and distributer of Hammer Head products in Australia.

As well as pool cleaners and pool blankets, sales and installation of the commercial range of the S.R. Smith products such as lane ropes, starting blocks and disability lifts have grown as a significant feature of the Orimatech product range since 2016. Orimatech expect sale of these products to continue to gain strength in coming years.

Despite the rather staid image the above portfolio may present of Orimatech they also have a reputation for a somewhat less serious series of videos. Whilst they may not take themselves too seriously, Orimatech are certainly serious about their Customers and the service that they provide them. Why not visit their website and take in a sample of their videos or follow Orimatech on LinkedIn.