Mizu Leisure and Sports

by Aquatic Recreation Institute on October 05, 2021


Mizu Leisure and Sports is the authorised Wibit Sports and Looft by Wibit Partner for Australia. We can provide you with customised options for Wibit SportsParks and can show you how Looft can make Leisure exciting at your location..This can be anything from individual product combinations that fit specific parameters, budget and dimensions right through to the latest TAG designs and sports parks.

By combining our Industry experience both in Australia and internationally and WIBIT’s 25+ years experience in 100+ Countries and more than 50 million users worldwide, we know which set ups make sense in terms of fun, safe operating standards and site selection which are the key elements to running your own successful waterpark business.

Our Wibit Products are backed by decades of experience and German engineering prowess with more than 250 patents. Wibit’s research and development teams have designed the safest floating obstacles in the world. All of our products include independent TUV certification by a respected German product safety testing institute and EN ISO 25649 safety distinction, all the things that Insurers like us to have. 

Wibit does not merely comply with the strictest safety standards in the inflatable water park industry – they helped develop them. As the former Vice Chairman of the European Community Committee on Safety for Inflatables, Wibit CEO Romann Rademacher established worldwide safety regulations for water recreation inflatables and is constantly working within ISO Groups to improve safety on water. Safety is not cheap. Many manufacturers are reluctant to invest in some of the most important safety features, but at Wibit safety is our number 1 priority.

All our products also have:

  • Highly visible warning labels
  • Are balanced in height and functionality
  • Come with detailed operational and safety manuals
  • Have calculated minimum water depths
  • Reinforced welded seams
  • Secure locking valves for maximum stability and safety.
  • Are designed to minimise entrapment Hazards
  • Are TUV approved.

At MIZU Leisure and Sports, we believe in active fun and we have the perfect products to ensure an amazing experience is had by all. Our service is reliable, knowledgeable and has had first hand operational experience.

We are dedicated to delivering the very best water park experience's on the planet.

We can provide a step by step process right from looking for a site, designing the right waterpark for the location, through to installing the waterpark, delivering the training and providing ongoing support to assist you in making a great business.

So if you have an ideal location, whether it be a Beach, a Hotel or Resort, a Lake, A Camp, a Wake-park or commercial pool  we can create a customized solution to create your individual best fit for your business.

When you partner with MIZU using the Wibit products, you get a team you can rely on to make your custom attraction the best it can be.

 For more information - https://mizusports.com