Exclusive ARI member offer with ActiveXchange

by Louise Magee on November 05, 2020

When we reflect on the learnings from COVID, the role we can all play in understanding and evidencing our impact as a sector is significant and something we must be prepared for moving into 2021.

Recognising this, and the collective impact COVID has on our members and their communities, ARI NSW has been working on evolving the partnership it has had since 2018 with ActiveXchange to connect and inform ourselves and ensure we better understand the our data and the impact and opportunity to advocate and demonstrate, together ActiveXchange continue to play a pivotal role in helping bridge the gap in understanding member and participation data and transforming it into meaningful insights that help our venues, partners and members understand value.

One of the many products and services ActiveXchange has its social value tool which measures the community savings in acute and chronic health care, and drowning prevention, because of member participation in venues.

Amidst COVID, the 120 facilities ActiveXchange monitors social value for across private, government and not for profit operations, have been able to demonstrate individual site trends in social value of their programs and service.

Whilst we continue to enhance our partnership into 2021, in the meantime ARI NSW has secured an immediate, significant discount to all ARI NSW members to purchase a one-off social value tool at 50% of normal value. This offer is available through to end of 2020 to any current ARI NSW member.

We hope this provides our members a cost effective and timely opportunity to use their member participation data to understand their impact and value for the communities in which they operate.

All you have to do is email intelligence@activexchange.org , quote your membership number before and engage ActiveXchange before the end of 2020. If you need to verify your membership status, please contact ARI: info@arinsw.com.au