Industry Insights - October 2021

by Aquatic Recreation Institute on October 22, 2021

As part of a series of insights published with the National Sports Convention, ActiveXchange has recently cited compelling evidence that increased levels of participation in exercise and community sports can bring wide-ranging health benefits for individuals and communities.

These benefits can extend beyond physical health, including mental health and personal well-being. At a population level, these benefits include lowering health care costs and contributing to stronger, and more cohesive communities.

To understand the correlation, ActiveXchange analysed the participation of around 1 million registered leisure centre and sports members in New South Wales and their impacts on social indicators of Health and Wellbeing such as Obesity, Cholesterol, Inactivity and Deprivation.

To see that analysis click here, and to participate in a related November 17th Q&A session talking about the real world application of aquatic & leisure social value click here.