ActiveXchange to hold Sept 22 Masterclass

by Aquatic Recreation Institute on September 05, 2021

When: Wed, Sept 22 @1pm via Zoom teleconference

Speaker: CEO James Ellender

Topic: Your Member Data & Thriving on the Road Ahead

How do you get members back in the door when your Aquatic & Leisure facility reopens?

The answer is by deeply understanding your customer and being on top of what is shifting in consumer behaviour.

The future is not inevitable. Rather, it is incumbent upon facility operators to understand the trends around them. In using their data alongside quality aggregated data, an operator opens an opportunity to transform daily operations around exactly who their customer is today…and is becoming tomorrow.

Led by CEO James Ellender, this masterclass for Aquatic & Leisure operators will explore how the membership data you already have can be combined with industry trends and insights to show you the way forward out of lockdown.

By attending, you will achieve these three takeaways:

  1. Reinforce your understanding of key trends to leverage coming out of lockdown
  2. See what good looks like when it comes to memberships bouncing back
  3. Know where to focus in order to maximise member lifetime value

Whether or not you are currently leveraging the SportsEye Network to combat the challenges of reopening…ActiveXchange’s September 22 Masterclass is for you.

To register, or to start discussing solutions now, reach out to Head of Partnerships- Robert Novotny via