Tom Scantlebury

by Aquatic Recreation Institute on April 21, 2022


Tom Scantlebury 

Chief Executive Officer, Sky Blue Customer Experience Services 

Tom is THE experience guy! From managing 5 star hotels to leading customer experience programs for multinational companies, Tom has been designing delivering, measuring and improving experiences his whole career. He advocates that experience management (XM) is the secret sauce for successful and purposeful businesses.

And when Tom knocks off from work, he is chasing experiences on the surfboard, snowboard or mountain bike; with his latest project titled 'the family party wave' where all of his three children ride the same wave with him.


Experience Management (XM) - what is it and why does it drive success

The word 'experience' is thrown around all the time, but how does it relate to customers and employees and how can it lead to the success or failure of organisations faster than any other time in history? Now is the time to understand more about experience management so you can ensure you are set up to succeed.