Nick Morris

by Aquatic Recreation Institute on May 26, 2022


Nick Morris

Director, Morris Goding Access Consulting 

Universal Design and Accessibility consultant, who through his education in Human Movement and lived experience as a wheelchair user and Gold medal Paralympian, is able to discuss and explore how sport, recreation and community facility design, is evolving. 

Nick has extensive experience as an advisor to the International Paralympic Committee for over a decade culminating is advising on 8 Olympic and Paralympic Games and bids, 3 Commonwealth Games, a World Expo in Dubai, Australian Grand Prix's and Australian Open Tennis Championships. 


Universal Facility Design and Accessibility

Exploring the principles of Universal Design, technical and fundamentals of
accessibility and the changing nature of facility design. Nick will also expand on
his experience both as a professional and person with lived experience in
ensuring inclusion and diversity are in engrained in organisations and precincts