Meredith Porte & Mel Rahtz

by Aquatic Recreation Institute on May 10, 2022

Meredith Porte & Mel Rahtz                 

Meredith is a Research Assistant and Programmer at Macquarie University 

Meredith has over 10 years of experience working in Virtual Reality and computer game programming. She has worked on multiple research projects at Macquarie University, including a lifeguard awareness and safety simulation project with YMCA NSW, an empathic virtual medical specialist project with The Children's Hospital at Westmead, and a game to test memory retention for the Brain Bootcamp Project (

Mel Rahtz is the Quality and Compliance Manager at YMCA NSW   

Over the past 16 Years Mel has been engrained in the Aquatic and Leisure industry across a range of difference roles in Operations, Recreation Management and Aquatic Risk Management. Starting off as a young lifeguard, Mel quickly realised there was a future in this industry and worked her way through various operational, leadership and risk management roles. 

Throughout this time Mel has also worked across the sector including NFP, Royal Life Saving NSW and Local Government to be able to further expand her knowledge and be exposed to all aspect that contribute to an amazing Recreation, Leisure and Aquatic Community. 

Currently, Mel sits as the Quality and Compliance Manager for Y NSW with a heavy lens on risk management practices, quality of programs and services and ensuring alignment with industry best practice.  


Through the lens of a Lifeguard - Innovating for drowning prevention 

This session include a practical demonstration of the virtual reality lifeguard training program that has been developed through the project conducted by Macquarie University and YMCA NSW. Following this, we will talk to the technology and training program as to how we will be embedding this in the future of lifeguarding training in Y NSW to further develop, upskill and enhance our lifeguard teams.