Meet the Mentor: Nichole Edsall

Nichole Edsall, Chief Operations Manager for Blacktown City Council

What’s a typical day like for you?

Usually a combination of office work and site visits.  When in the office, administration tasks include WHS, Human Resource tasks and major projects.  When at sites it is WHS observations and assisting centres.

Tell us a little about your career?

  • Current role as Chief Operations Manager involves assisting 10 Key Venues including aquatic, leisure and sporting venues.  The highlight is the experience in learning about so many different venues and how different they all are
  • Presenter at the World Conference on Drowning Prevention.  Presentation on “Raising the bar on Australian Water Safety” in Malaysia 2015
  • Managed the implementation and operation of the Poseidon System – Australia’s only drowning detection system at Blacktown Leisure Centre Stanhope in 2007
  • Worked in the aquatic & recreation industry for over 22 years

Can you share a little of what you think has been critical to your career success to date?

I started off as a Learn to Swim Instructor and Lifeguard and slowly worked my way through a variety of positions to where I am today.  My success comes from commitment, respecting the advice from Managers and learning from each experience.

What attracted you to the Mentor Program and the role of Mentor?

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry and thought this program is a good opportunity to give back to the industry by sharing information.

Can you tell us a little bit about the project your team will be completing?

Our team is building a dashboard website that reports on different summary data needed on a day to day basis that is relevant to a person’s position.

What has been the most surprising part of the Mentor program to date or what have you found most interesting or exciting?

I am excited about the team idea and how it is going to evolve over the next 5 months.

ARI thanks its partners in their generous support of the ARI Mentor Program and the aquatic and recreation industry.

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