Meet the Mentor: Lachlan Lawless

Lachlan Lawless, Centre Coordinator for Charlie Lowles Leisure Centre Emerton

What’s a typical day like for you?

There is no typical day with each day facing new challenges, however data is analysed on a daily basis to ensure centre programs operate at required levels.

Tell us a little about your career?

  • Successfully coordinated and passed National SIRA SafeWork NSW Self Insurers Audit 2013 and 2016
  • Successfully coordinated 2017 Royal Life Saving Society NSW Aquatic Safety Facility Assessment with a result of 98%

Can you share a little of what you think has been critical to your career success to date?

The ability to analyse data, statistics, problems and tasks from multiple angles and seek feedback from front line staff on ways to improve.

What attracted you to the Mentor Program and the role of Mentor?

To be able to pass on knowledge and skills to upcoming and future leaders of the Aquatic and Leisure Industry to shape how the industry moves forward in the coming years.

Can you tell us a little bit about the project your team will be completing?

The Willoughby Leisure Centre (WLC) Team has identified staffing shortages within the industry and are developing a case study to justify investment in the development of improved staff training programs.

What has been the most surprising part of the Mentor program to date or what have you found most interesting or exciting?

The varying thoughts from the team members on how to develop and change the industry.

ARI thanks its partners in their generous support of the ARI Mentor Program and the aquatic and recreation industry.


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