The ARI Mentor Program supports emerging industry leaders. Over 6 months ARI Member Teams complete a project-based Challenge under the guidance of an experienced industry Mentor.

Challenges are designed to solve a problem through research, program or solution design that benefit the industry whilst providing opportunities for Mentee’s to develop technical, project and leadership skills.

How does it work?

Mentee Teams get together, meet their Industry Mentors and other participants in the program and network. ARI unveils the challenge task.

Mentee Teams, with the guidance of their Industry Mentor, solve a problem, develop a program or complete a body of work that will advance the industry.

Mentee Teams present their solution to a panel of industry experts at the ARI’s annual conference for a chance to be recognised for the most innovative or effective solution.

The Process

Become a Mentor

Participation as a Mentor offers a number of benefits to senior and experienced individuals:

  • Get satisfaction from helping to enhancing someone else's skills
  • Gain fresh perspectives through interaction
  • Further develops leadership skills
  • Invest in the future of the industry
  • Expand professional development network
  • Staying in touch with emerging issues at all levels of employees
  • Gain the opportunity to reflect on own practices
  • Cement your role as a subject matter expert and leader

ARI is currently recruiting Industry Mentors for our next round!
Applications close Friday 27 July 2018 at 5pm.

Download a copy of the Role Description and application instructions.

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Become a Mentee

Participation as a Mentee offers a range of opportunities for those looking to grow and further their aquatic and recreation career:

  • Challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone
  • Develop new skills and expertise
  • Get access to independent and objective perspectives
  • Make connections beyond your organisation
  • Learn from and connect with senior leaders and industry experts
  • Gain confidence in dealing with new challenges and issues
  • Clarify career direction
  • Get recognised for your leadership potential

ARI is currently seeking applications from Member Organisations to participate in our next round!
Applications close Friday 27 July 2018 at 5pm.

Download a copy of the Mentee Application and application instructions.

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